Here is a list and a brief discription of the work we carry out here at Horley Accident Repair Centre.


When you get a crack or a split in your bumper, a pricey new bumper is not always required.

Here at Horley Accident Repair Centre we can plastic weld up 80% of the time to give your bumper that new lookn without the high price.


Small to Medium repairs are from 1 to 3 pannels. theses can consist of small door dents, key scratches or just general wear and tear. Bring yor car to us to get it looking as good as new.


Here at Horley Accident Repair Centre we dont just take on the small/medium jobs we also pride ourselfs on doing the bigger jobs thats most people out there wouldnt do. there for saving you going through your insurance paying your exess and losing your no claims bonus.


Whever you have a classic mk1 ford escort, vw camper or just love your old car here at Horley Accident Repair Centre we can get your car looking as good as new with all the dents, suffs, marks ect and gone and then finish her off with a full body respray, to give her thats shine she once had.



Here at Horley Accidebt Repair Centre we dont just do the run of the mill repairs/paintwork but do full bodykit to fully custom resprays.

check out our gallery for picture of a few of the cars we have modified